100% Natural Cotton Underscarves

We understand the importance of ensuring the base of one's hijab styling is as kind and clean as possible. For this reason we’ve been working hard for over a year to create the best hassle free hijab underscarf, and are proud to announce we have just launched our beautiful range of 100% pure cotton underscarves online! 

Our hijab caps are available in a range of nine beautiful earthy tones; we carefully developed and curated our unique colour palette to ensure the shades remain as versatile as possible. Our hijab underscarves pair beautifully with literally every single colour, making them great staple pieces for your modest wardrobe. The best part is that they contain no toxic dyes, no azo and no formaldehyde, which is typically found in synthetic hijab caps including those made with lycra, nylon and synthetic blends. We do not use any stain, wrinkle and fire resistant chemicals to treat our materials, as these are incredibly toxic and unsafe. We are delighted to have developed a kinder alternative for your hair, scalp and skin, which is incredibly important, especially if you tend to wear the hijab for long periods of time. 

There were several important features we kept in mind whilst developing our bonnet style hijab caps. 

Non slip

The beautiful crinkled cotton texture (which can be pressed/ironed out if you prefer) ensures the underscarves are non-slip. We understand how frustrating it can be styling your hijab, ready for the day, only to have your hijab cap slip backwards, not only ruining your hijab style but also causing discomfort and inconvenience. Even the most luxurious silk hijabs or soft chiffon hijabs will remain in place!


Nobody wants thick and heavy material under their hijab! It was crucial for us to ensure that the material was super light in weight, without compromising on the opacity the fabric offers.

Non sheer

It would surely defeat the purpose of a versatile underscarf if the material was sheer! We’ve used two ultra thin layers of high quality cotton fabric to ensure our underscarves are non sheer. 

Kinder & breathable

As the bonnet cap forms the base of your hijab style, and is in direct contact with your skin and scalp, it was of great importance that the material used was breathable. The material needs to absorb moisture away from the scalp and not let sweat and bacteria build up on the scalp and hair, which is what unnatural and synthetic caps would do. With our hijab caps, you no longer need to worry about body heat causing nasty chemicals leaking out of fabrics as we use safe dyes and bio based fibre. You also do not need to worry about headaches and earaches caused by tight fitting hijab caps!

Large in size & optimum comfort

We wanted to cater for almost all hair textures, lengths and weights. We also wanted to ensure the hijab cap would have enough space to accommodate hijab scrunchies!

For this reason, we designed our underscarves to be generously large in size, which also provides you with added comfort. The hijab caps feature neatly placed elastic at the back of the underscarf, to ensure your hair and hijab scrunchies stay in place. 

Kinder and sustainable fabrics, thoughtful design and attention to detail, resulting in extra comfort, practicality and ease. Our beautiful cotton hijab caps took almost a year to perfect as we wanted to ensure we paid attention to all of your hijab and hair care needs, without compromising on social and environmental sustainability. They pair perfectly with our luxurious hijabs and no snag hijab magnets!


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