The Importance of Movement

We live in a state of constant stress and anxiety. Our sedentary lifestyle and modern living seldom gives us a chance to pause, breath & reset. 

Physical activity and moving the body regularly is the only way to eliminate the tension trapped in all of our tissues.

In addition to physical activity being great for keeping in shape and strengthening your body, it is also an excellent tool for being present, focusing on breath work, riffing the body of toxins and maintaining excellent health and vitality.

Regular physical activity has been shown through several studies to:

  • control weight
  • enhance sleep quality
  • increase muscle mass and strength
  • improve flexibility
  • improve digestion
  • improve cognitive function
  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce joint and back pain
  • reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases

... and much more.


Exercise is key to a healthy body.  Therefore, we'd like to simplify and reduce it to a few principles, so even those who feel lost can start incorporating it today into their daily lives.


When thinking about working out, we suggest avoiding thinking about complicated routines and regimes to follow. 


Instead, think about doing these three things:





People often have this misconception that exercise must be hard, strenuous and tiring when in reality exercise can be simple, fun, and enjoyable.

Twenty minutes carved out of your day will afford you the opportunity to invest in your health. Begin with deep breathing for the first five minutes followed by whatever it takes to break a sweat for the next fifteen minutes.You can do anything you want: jumping, dancing, running, walking, stretching, lifting weights, swimming. Anything! Find an activity you love and do that. The most important thing is for you to sweat and to increase your heart rate. Ending your workout routine with a complete pause and stillness will help bring your body back to equilibrium. 

Through sweat, we eliminate toxins, including heavy metals. Infact, through sweat, we eliminate the most significant quantity of heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury which are quite detrimental to our health and wellbeing. 


Other pleasant side effects will include great bursts of energy and a sudden will to make healthier food choices. 


A new study from the Michigan State University analysed over 2000 individuals and found that those exercising regularly were more likely to choose healthy fruits and vegetables over unhealthy snacks and a Standard American Diet.


So, what stops you from moving your body?


As Muslim women, many of us tend to shy away from attending workout sessions or the gym. And while for some, working out at home works great, for others, it just doesn't. 

We've been there. We know what it feels like to decide to wear the hijab, only to realise that suddenly, the gym becomes pretty much off-limits. We know it can be very hard to find suitable modest activewear without the need to layer up, which can be extremely uncomfortable and impractical. In addition, synthetic sports hijabs can be quite problematic for one's health, hair and skin, and do not allow breathability. This was one of the biggest driving forces behind our 100% natural modest activewear and sports hijab range, made from a careful blend of naturally organic bamboo and cotton. We also developed a range of simple hassle-free head-wraps and turbans which serve multiple purposes and can be styled various ways. Our favourite design from the line is our versatile hooded hijab which can be styled various ways. It is extremely lightweight, practical and flattering! Perfect for Muslim women looking for sports hijabs which do not stick tight to their head and hair. 


This new line is perfect for gyms, yoga studios, running outside and even as loungewear.

Made from 100% OEKO-TEX® certified natural fibres, you no longer have to worry about unsafe synthetics such as lycra and nylon clogging your lymphatic system, and chemicals being absorbed into your body.  

By Olesea Pozdneacov, IIN Health Coach


Olesea Pozdneacov is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a loving mother. She became a health coach to fulfil her desire to work with women to improve their health and personal life as well as their families'. Thus she offers individual health and nutrition coaching. Olesea received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she received in-depth training in nutrition, health and wellness, coaching skills, and business development. 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and solely as a self-help tool for your own use. I am not, nor am I holding myself out to be a doctor/physician nor a dietitian.  I do not provide health care, medical or nutritional therapy services, nor am I attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any physical, mental or emotional issue, disease, or condition.

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