As a holistic brand, our commitment extends far beyond the quality of product we deliver; environmental and social commitment are at the core of everything we do. We acknowledge that we have a very long way to go; demanding a focused, responsible approach to key areas. We are not claiming to be perfect, nor do we believe that we have it all figured out yet; however, we are extremely passionate, dedicated and committed. We strongly believe that we can create multiple supply chains, which directly support, nurture and empower everyone involved, holistically, in line with our Islamic principles; whilst creating positive ripple effects for the larger community, future generations and our planet.

'Capitalism may be helping us cover our skin but it’s stripping people of their rights and the planet of its health' - [ Hanain, @Hanain.b ]


We are committed to raising awareness; working alongside activists, organisations, educators, professionals and the younger generation, utilising our platform, educational programs and workshops, guest features, networking and various other avenues. Working with children to deliver fun, informative and hands on workshops is something we are really looking forward to doing. We wholeheartedly believe in the importance of the early years as a powerful means of activism and sustainable change, both on a micro and macro level. If children are raised respectfully, given the opportunity to spend ample amounts of time in nature and surrounded by people who model empathy, this will naturally result in a more harmonious world. A world with more social justice and more care for the natural environment.

Environmental Commitment 

We will consistently engage in environmental work, and the replenishment and purification of Earth's resources, which includes, but is not limited to, the planting of trees, the provision of clean water, water purification systems, clearing the oceans of plastic, planting bee gardens and maintaining wetlands. We also aim to work closely with farmers responsible for producing raw materials to ensure they have the means to operate sustainably.

We will actively raise awareness in regards to how people can make small changes, on a regular basis, to help the environment; lowering plastic consumption, foraging, gardening, composting, recycling, saving energy and making sustainable choices across all areas of life. Furthermore, we aim to reduce waste by implementing closed loop production systems where possible, using recycled and recyclable materials, working with energy efficient producers, and placing and shipping goods in a manner which lower our carbon footprint.

We promise to develop and implement new and innovative methods of production in the hope that this continuously reduces the impact manufacturing has on the environment, the biomes and communities.

Social Commitment

We will ensure workers are paid fair living wages, work in safe environments and are not subjected to ill treatment, exploitation and or abuse. Representation and diversity is hugely important throughout the supply change, not just at campaign stages.

Fair living wages are afforded predominately through relatively higher unit costs for our goods, and relatively lower profit margins on the sale of our products. We also believe that it is very important that workers get a lot more than a fair living wage, because workers, no matter where they are, need to be cared for physically, mentally, and emotionally. For this reason we will work hard towards being able to aid workers and their families with necessities for living, education, income generation opportunities, mental health initiatives, empowerment programs and rural development programs. This will also preserve traditional techniques and the rich craft heritage of the countries we work in, supporting rural artisans, families and the community at large. 

We deeply value our supporters and customers. We are extremely passionate about building, supporting and nurturing an incredible global community of women; women consciously working towards progressive change in any given area, supporting women who resist, women who rise and women who strive, be it through spirituality, education, lifestyle choices or serving the people. This is activism in its purest and most effective form and we are here to amplify these incredible voices and share beautiful journeys.

All of our work beyond the immediate supply chain, will be done in collaboration with existing grass root initiatives and NGO's on the front line, funded by our profits. As with any new venture and growth, we appreciate this will take time, but we will continue to strive towards our mission and commitments, sharing our journey with our incredible community.