Silq Rose is a holistic brand built on the principles of self-care, sustainability, empowerment and consciousness. 

Following almost two years of development in 2017, the brand launched in 2019 with a dream to redefine the modest fashion industry using practises and choices deeply rooted in our faith, and a strong desire to move away from the disastrous effects the fast fashion industry has produced in the name of accessibility; the abundant use of toxic, synthetic, harmful materials, chemically manufactured fabrics, and the exploitation of human resources.

We use natural, biodegradable fabrics, innovative fibres and smart textiles, fusing traditional and sustainable techniques to ethically produce hijabs for incredible women; hijabs with a focus on purity, high wearing comfort and breathability; kinder to your body, biomes, Earth and its inhabitants.

Our Story

Environmental & social sustainability 

Working directly with everyone at each point in the supply chain in most cases, allows us to have full transparency over all elements in relation to social and environmental sustainability, in addition to the quality of products. For high levels of supply chain transparency, sustainability factors, exclusivity and quality, our fabrics, colours and prints are designed and produced exclusively by us.

As a result of the above; we have no stock fabric with zero traceability, no recycled synthetics and no mass producing hijab wholesalers are used; ensuring that we do not encourage the movement of toxic materials, processes and by-products around our ecosystem, which also imposes a heavy cost to workers. We believe it is important to 'turn off the taps before mopping up the water' in order to initiate progressive change.

We aim to promote sustainability through the fabrics we use, production methods we apply, prioritising ethical production, holding reasonable inventory levels, operating from multiple locations to reduce our carbon footprint, using eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging, reducing waste, reducing consumption, up-cycling, extending product life cycle, raising awareness, supporting grassroots initiatives, having a holistic approach, implementing a slow fashion model and using renewable sources of energy. 


We are extremely passionate about building, supporting and nurturing an incredible global community of women; women consciously working towards progressive change in any given area, women who resist, women who rise and women who strive, be it through spirituality, education, lifestyle choices or serving the people. This is activism in its purest and most effective form, and we are here to amplify these incredible voices and share beautiful journeys.

The prophet (Peace be upon him) said, ‘The earth is beautiful and green, and verily God, The Exalted, has made you His stewards in it, and He sees how you acquit yourselves.’ - Sahih Muslim 


A Holistic Vision

Silq Rose was founded by a small team of passionate, dedicated change makers and creatives in London, who have spent many years researching and testing the best fibres, production techniques and facilities; ensuring all outcomes were in line with our values, to deliver products we feel our incredible community of women absolutely deserve. 

Our vision extends far beyond the development and scope of our product. We invest our time and energy in areas that are commonly disregarded in the name of fast fashion, and born out of unethical practises.

These include the mental well-being of all workers; from farmers to machinists, social justice, educating the youth of today on social and environmental sustainability, equality, health, environmental justice, preserving traditional techniques, nurturing the soul and building community.  

Slow Fashion

The fast fashion industry and its advocates, are contributing heavily to the destruction of the planet and its biomes, health, mental well-being, economic instability, communities and indigenous practises. 

It saddens us to know that the modest fashion industry is also a contributing factor; with companies competing to sell the cheapest hijabs possible, purchasing from wholesalers, who are mass producing extremely large quantities of goods, releasing new arrivals at high frequencies, promoting short lived trends, excessive consumption and consequently waste, ultimately fuelling a capitalist culture.

The practice of making goods quickly and cheaply, more often than not using synthetic fabrics and unsustainable practises to lower production costs, comes with a huge cost to lives, health, the environment and communities. Including the health of consumers. It results in exploitation and oppression. The desire; that a consumer somewhere across the globe can wear a cheap hijab and showcase the latest trends. The result; the retailer benefits from high sales volumes, society adopts the fast fashion model, and collectively we fall victim to supporting a system of poverty and capitalism.

By going against the grain and making conscious choices at every step, we hope to initiate positive change.


Supply Chain Transparency

Environmental, social and economic sustainability, should be principles unquestionably at the forefront of all businesses, particularly Muslim owned businesses, as these principles are deeply rooted in our faith and form a part of our religious obligations.

We understand that this is not always the case and that customers have very little insight into how their products are made. It is therefore pressing that when these principles are met, authentically, across the entire business, and not driven by trend or the urge to use buzzwords to promote a fraction of products, that this is communicated and promoted, so that awareness is raised, and so that conscious consumers can use the political power of their money in the best way possible. 

Discussion and transparency allows consumers to differentiate between brands who are greenwashing, and brands who safeguard environmental and social sustainability at the heart of their vision. 

During our research phase of the industry, we were met with ongoing patterns of missing fabric compositions, incorrect labelling of fabrics (rayon/viscose commonly sold as cotton) and the private labelling of cheaply made goods sold on at extortionate prices. We immediately realised that consumers had become accustomed to a lack of transparency and misleading information, acting as a huge barrier for much needed change. It is therefore a major priority of ours to provide our community with accurate information on our supply chain as much as possible. The materials we use, where the fibres originate from, where fabric is woven or manufactured, and where any further production is carried out. All of this information can be found under our hijab guide and the conscious section found alongside each hijab.  

Environmental stewardship and social justice is an integral part of Islam. The earth has been gifted to humankind, with the possibilities of utilising its resources for our needs and comfort. However, with that gift comes responsibility and accountability; we may use but not exploit, take but replenish, produce but not harm, create but be sustainable; the ultimate aim is environmental, social and ecological balance.

We do not fabricate short-lived trends. We do not endorse or affiliate ourselves with fast-fashion brands. We are firm in our vision.

We design products which emphasise the individual personality of our customer. We strive to produce better alternatives in relation to areas of sustainability; products which are very versatile, high wearing and more often than not, suitable for use all year round, ensuring we cater to the needs of the people we seek to serve.

We work with mills and machinists all around the world, adopting a very stringent selection process. The global location of a factory does not immediately determine whether or not it is suitable. Exploitation and unethical practises exist all over the world, including the western ‘developed’ world.

We assess a wide range of factors when making our selection and absolutely love to support and prioritise rural artisans, small family owned businesses, women owned facilities, community run programs, traditional practises, high craftsmanship, quality of product, sustainable innovation and methods which preserve the natural environmental and empower communities. Please visit Product Journey to learn more about our supply chain.

Our Promise

As a progressive brand, we vow to consistently improve in all areas as we grow, particularly in regards to environmental and social sustainability. Self assessment is important; we know that our work will be very difficult and that we have a very long way to go; but every journey must begin with a step; this here marks the beginning. 

We fully acknowledge that no manufacturing process in the world is free from some form of negative impact on the environment. However, what we can do is ensure that the choices we make are responsible, considerate and amongst some of the best choices that can be made at any given time, based on our level of awareness and means.

Silq Rose exists as a kinder and cleaner alternative, dedicated to progress and producing the very best products for our customers, whilst taking care of the creators behind our product. Whilst no brand, product or consumer can be perfectly sustainable, we will strive our best to promote all degrees of sustainability. 

We are committed to ensuring that our manufacturing processes are void of social injustices. We find it incredibly disturbing that a human being, anywhere in the world, at any point in the supply chain, should suffer and be exploited in the name of fashion, so that a consumer can wear an item of clothing or accessory they desire. 

It is time we put thought into where our goods are coming from, the types of conditions they were produced in, where our money is going, what it is supporting, and acknowledging if we are empowering and helping communities or destroying them.