How to wear a hijab with volume

A hijab with volume is a style that is loved and preferred by many women around the world, creating the illusion of your hair being in a large bun, hidden under the hijab material. And while you can create that look by putting your hair up in a high bun or ponytail, this can often result in a very unflattering shape to your overall hijab style. Sometimes you may also want an extra lift to create even more volume. Here, we’ll explain how to get the added subtle boost to your hijab, without it looking excessive. 

Chiffon Hijab

Choose the right hairstyle

Starting with the right hairstyle is crucial for getting the volume look right. If you have very long, thick hair or curly hair, you may only need to tie it in a medium to high bun in order to achieve the desired results from your hijab. Take your time getting the position of your bun right on your head, as this will affect the finished look. If you want a natural and subtle look, be sure to keep the bun relatively lower.

Your hairstyle should also take your own hair type into account. If you have fine, delicate strands that are prone to breakage, you might want to try a lower, looser bun. This takes any strain off the hair strands, keeping them from snapping from any high, tight hairstyles. This also takes away any tension from your scalp, so if you are prone to getting scalp pains and headaches, avoid tying your hair so tightly, which can tug on the hair follicles and pull on the scalp. However, if a low bun doesn’t give you enough volume, opt to French braid your hair, which still gives you the height without needing a tight bun. Braids are more gentle on the hair strands and follicles, and can easily give you the lift you’re looking for in your hijab.

Hair Scrunchies

Use large hijab scrunchies

Rather than using a standard hairband to tie your hair up in a bun, using a large scrunchie works wonders to create a nice rounded shape to your bun, while adding a gentle lift. Silq Rose hijab scrunchies are made from organic OEKO-TEX bamboo jersey, making them soft and gentle on your hair, as well as moisture wicking and hypoallergenic. As they’re naturally larger than a classic hairband, a scrunchie will easily give you lift and volume, whether you have your hair in a ponytail or a high bun. The soft jersey material is gentle on your hair, reducing any chances of breakage in comparison to synthetic fibres like polyester, and is a firm favourite amongst our customers. 


Use a hijab cap

A hijab cap can work to give you a smooth base for your hijab, which is especially useful if you’re styling your hair in a braid, while also protecting your hair further from any materials. Having a soft underscarf minimises any risk of friction against your hair strands, protecting them against breakage. It also gives your hijab something to hold onto, so it doesn’t slip during the day. Our range of hijab caps are soft and breathable, ensuring you won’t overheat with the additional layer, and made of natural fibres that won’t dry out your scalp, skin, and hair, keeping it healthy. 

Pick the right hijab material

Using a lighter material for your hijab can allow you to layer the fabric more easily, creating the illusion of more volume. It’s important not to pull the material too tightly under your chin, however, as this can flatten the natural folds formed as you wrap the hijab. Heavier materials, such as our jersey hijabs, can flatten your hairstyle, which can minimise the volume over the course of the day. However, lighter materials like cotton twill and our ecovero hijabs are light and soft, keeping their shape and volume throughout the day. To ensure that you don’t cause any rips in a light material, opt for magnetic hijab pins, which won’t damage the material.

Hijab Style

Choose the right hijab style

There are a number of ways to wrap your hijab, but choosing the right style can ensure that you get the volume you’re looking for. Folding the width of your hijab by a third offers added thickness and layers around your head, which is helpful in creating structured styles or if you’d like to create a point in your hijab. Be gentle with how you drape the material around your head, as you want to create natural-looking folds which will help create lift and volume. Opting for an extra-long hijab means you’ll be able to wrap the material more times, which will create more folds. 

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