The best hijabs for the coldest season

Nothing feels better than wrapping yourself up in natural fibres to keep yourself comfortably warm. All of our hijabs are designed and created with high quality fibres providing you with a pure comfort, luxury and style. 

This winter we wanted to provide a breathable yet insulating and skin friendly option to give you high comfort when fashioning a layered wardrobe. At Silq Rose, producing quality hijabs using natural fibres and fabrics is at the heart of what we do. Our fibres are sustainably sourced and ethically made making a better choice for your health, as well as for the environment, workers and communities. 
Our durable Cotton Twill, Silk Cashmere & Modal Cashmere hijab ranges are available in a range of moody tones, to match winter vibes, and airy compositions, making them the best choice for the coldest season. 

Cotton Twill Hijabs 

Create classic, everyday looks with our Cotton Twill hijab range, available in a variety of classic, neutral and skin tone colours - a definite hijab essential. These hijabs offer a distinctive texture and allow for a variety of styling options. We know that layering is key in winter, therefore the selection of material was deliberate to promote versatility in your winter wardrobe. Match your outfit with a luxurious Cotton Twill Hijab to allow for comfortable layering and create the perfect warm and cosy winter look!

Cashmere Hijabs 

Our Modal and Silk Cashmere hijabs are one of our favourite sustainable fashion pieces. They can be styled perfectly for occasion and workwear owing to their luxurious texture and airy composition.

Modal Cashmere Hijabs

Add a touch of colour to your outfit with our breathable modal cashmere hijabs available in a wide range of versatile colours complementing a fresh winter palette. Our Modal Cashmere Hijabs are woven from modal and cashmere blends and have a luxuriously soft and airy look. Up style an everyday winter look with a modal cashmere hijab or pair with an evening wear/occasion wear outfit to create a polished and sophisticated look.  

Silk Cashmere Hijabs 

Our Silk Cashmere Hijabs can only be described with three words; high quality, lightweight and luxurious. The light and soft feel of our Silk Cashmere Hijabs comforts the skin and its durability allows for styling various looks. These hijabs are a timeless essential that bring warmth to colder days. Add a simple and relaxed touch to a variety of looks with our silk cashmere hijabs available in three popular shades.

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