Three Hijab Styles for Wedding Guests

Weddings are one of the most important days in a woman’s life, and it’s not just the bride who needs to carefully curate her outfit. As a wedding guest, it takes time and consideration to plan the perfect wedding outfit. Your hijab can be a significant part of getting that outfit right.

Not only should your hijab complement or accessorise your choice of clothing, it should also be made from a soft material that’s comfortable to wear all day. At Silq Rose, we’re committed to using sustainable fabrics that are good for the environment as well as our bodies. For instance, chiffon is a beautiful fabric for weddings, perfect for summer due to its lightweight composition, while silk can instantly add elegance to a wedding guest outfit. You can also make your everyday hijab extra special using different accessories. Here we look at a few different hijab styles perfect for a wedding party.


A ring of roses

It’s not a wedding if there aren’t flowers involved. But aside from the beautiful sprays on tables and the bride’s bouquet, they also make the perfect accessory for your hijab and will look divine in photographs. A flower crown made from your favourite blooms can be an elegant yet eye-catching addition — we recommend roses as these are timeless and big enough to fill out a crown. Flowers can be chosen that match the colour of your hijab. For example, if you’ve chosen a hijab like this dusty pink silk chiffon one, pick a variety of roses in different shades of pink to complement the material.

Head jewellery

Head jewellery is a striking way to add glamour to your wedding guest hijab. For example, you could add a gorgeous string of pearls to our cappuccino silk chiffon hijab for a feminine yet minimalist look, or go more elaborate using a vintage or bridal head band or ethnic head chain draped over the top of your hijab. Brooches are another option to subtly add luxury. This could be something like an embroidered flower decorated with beads, placed at the side of your head to hold your hijab in place.


Decorative pins

Add a touch of elegance to your wedding outfit by using a different style pin than normal. While you might regularly use a simple fastening, a wedding is an opportunity to add a little glamour. Use a pin in a different colour with fancier beads or even a row of crystals. For instance, clear crystals will look elegant on a nude georgette hijab. Secure your hijab using our magnetic hijab pins for a clean and polished look. They are currently available in four versatile colours.

Hijab styling tips for a wedding

  • Avoid mixing and matching too many colours. Match your hijab to either your outfit or accessories so that it doesn’t clash.
  • Wear a matching bonnet under your hijab to keep it in place all day.
  • Bring an extra hijab in case an accident occurs.
  • Tie your hijab your usual way for comfortability.
  • Add volume to your hair with a hijab scrunchie.

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