How to wear a hijab without pins

Wrapping a hijab is a part of many Muslim women’s daily routine and, with so many ways to style one, it’s fun to experiment and create fashionable new looks. However, many wrapping methods require pins to secure your hijab and can be fussy and time-consuming. The good news is that with the right fabric and method you can forgo the need for a pin altogether. Here are our three favourite ways to wear a hijab without pins.

Hijab Without Pins

1. Wear an underscarf

An underscarf under your hijab means you won’t need to use a pin to secure it as it keeps it in place. Make sure it is positioned snugly over the top of your head and wear a hijab made from a non-slip material, like this black fine weave modal example. Hold the hijab in both hands and extend your arms to stretch the fabric and smooth out crinkles. Drape it over your head with equal amounts of material on either side, line the edge of your hijab up with the underscarf, and tie in a loose knot beneath your chin. For extra hold, tug any fabric in a counter-clockwise direction around your head to create another layer. Finally, tuck any extra material into the back of your hijab, and you’re ready to go!

Dangle fabric over your shoulder

2. Dangle fabric over your shoulder

This effortless style is perfect for everyday wear. Hold the hijab in both hands, ensuring the material isn’t folded, and place it symmetrically on the centre of your head. Divide in two and flip each section over the opposite shoulder to create a criss-cross style will keep the fabric in place. You can easily switch this up for dinner in the evening by just letting one side drape over your shoulder in front of you for a cool, asymmetric look. We recommend wearing a hijab made from a thick material such as our washed mustard ecovero hijab.


3. Tie the hijab behind your neck

For this style, pull the fabric tight to ensure there are no creases. You should use a lighter fabric that’s easy to tie, like our pink blush cupro chiffon hijab. Place the material on your head and let the material dangle down your back, then tie both ends together in a loose knot. This creates a secure seal at the nape of your neck and you can then flip the material over one shoulder for a trendy, pinless look.

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