How To Style Your Bridal Hijab

Wearing a hijab on your wedding day lets you experiment with different accessories and styles to make you look and feel as special as possible. Whether you wear a hijab in your everyday life or not, picking one out for your wedding is particularly exciting and should be thought about carefully. 

Here at Silq Rose, we believe that picking out your wedding hijab is just as important as picking out your bridal outfit. You want to make sure the hijab colour complements your outfit and has all of the detail and design you want, so it looks perfect.

 Wedding hijab materials

There are many different materials you can wear on your wedding day, from plain, light chiffon fabrics to embellished hijabs, depending on your personal preference. Brides may opt to wear something special for their big day, such as silk, satin, or embroidered hijabs.

Silk Hijab

Bridal gowns are often adorned with delicate needlework and intricate embroidery. Matching a hijab with your gown provides your outfit with an elegant finishing touch, and going for a plain hijab can help to make the detail on your gown stand out even more. Alternatively, a plain and simple modest bridal gown paired with one of our embellished hijabs would look just as beautiful.

How to tie your bridal hijab

How you tie and style your wedding hijab depends on your own personal preference. Wearing something similar to your everyday look means you won’t be left feeling uncomfortable with a new or daring style, which is the last way you want to feel on your wedding day!

We recommend picking a style you’ve tried and worn before, so you know how to tie it, as well as having a sense of how it feels and looks on you already. If you do want to go for something completely new, however, practice tying and wearing it at home a couple of times in advance of your wedding day, so you get used to it. Many brides use a hijab stylist to set their hijab for them, which is a great option if you are looking to do something completely different, such as creating drapes, leaving the gown's neckline exposed, adding volume, or even accessorising with jewellery or gems.

See our guide to tying a hijab to find a style that suits your overall look.

How to accessorise your hijab

Accessorising your hijab is an easy way to transform it from an everyday look to a bridal style. You can use anything from jewellery to pins, and even other scarves, as accessories, adding different textures and gems to your look.

Pink Hijab

Adding a necklace to your hijab

Wearing a necklace is a simple and inexpensive way to make your hijab stand out, and only requires a few small pins and your necklace of choice.

  1. Starting with your underscarf or ninja hijab already in place, frame your chosen material around your face, making sure to keep one side longer than the other. Hold it in place under your chin with a safety pin or magnetic pins.
  2. Fasten the necklace at the clasp and hold it in place on your head, making sure it hangs on your forehead the way you’d like it. Use a pin to fasten it to your hijab, keeping it in place.
  3. Fold the smaller tail of your hijab up and over your head to cover up the necklace chain and secure it in place using a straight pin.
  4. Wrap the longer piece under your chin and around your head, covering the part of the necklace you don’t want to show. Fasten the hijab on the side if you need to, adjusting as required.
  5. If there is any material left from the longer piece, wrap it around your neck, tucking the end into your bridal gown so it doesn’t show.

Use this method to style any headpieces you may want to wear, adjusting the styling and placement on your head so your hijab isn’t covering it.

Crinkled silk chiffon Hijab

Layering your hijab

Layering your hijab allows you to add texture and, depending on what material you use, patterns and gems. For this style, we suggest using a light material for your initial hijab to avoid it getting too heavy on your head and potentially causing you to overheat

  1. Tie your hijab in the style that suits you, making sure to keep it a little looser and fluffier around the neck and tucking the ends into your gown. You may choose to use a hijab scrunchie in your hair to create a flattering shape at the back of your hijab.
  2. Frame the net scarf around your face, pinning it in place to your hijab and letting it drape down your back like a veil.
  3. You can choose to bring the front edges in front of your shoulders, pinning it in place to your gown so it doesn’t fall back as you walk.

You can even mix the two styles together, using your net scarf to cover the necklace chain for a heavy, regal bridal style.

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