Brand update

Here’s the update you have all been waiting for! 

Since launching in 2018, our consciously made hijabs have sold out with each release in the UK, USA and internationally before most of you could get your hands on your favourite fabrics and shades. As a result, so many of you have been waiting for our new collections to drop and for old favourites to be restocked. 

As a small slow-fashion focused business and one that takes its time and care to research and source the best sustainable fibres, materials and teams, restocking and developing time frames are a lot longer than standard time frames associated with fast fashion models, where corners are cut to increase speed of production and costs. In addition to that, we have invested a lot more time refining and perfecting our new products. Covid restrictions caused huge ripple effects across our supply chain and it has taken a long time to restore stability. 

Earlier in the year we took on board all survey feedback completed by you and applied as much as possible to our new ranges. 

New products have undergone rigorous testing and changes, which takes time.

Remember, our hiijabs are made to our bespoke specifications - the weaves, colour development, dying and testing takes time and requires patience. Our producers also need a lot longer than conventional factories as they do not focus on fast large scale production.

We’ve amended fibres, weaves, colours and sizing multiple times. 

Given changes with our collections, ranges, designs and supply chain, new collections will be released in SS ‘24. We want to be completely happy with what we release and have no doubt that you will love it all!

Below, we have outlined key products and time frames for ease. In the meantime, enjoy 50% off most of our lines online, under our 'final pieces' section! These items will no longer be restocked and are very few in quantity. 


We are currently in the process of perfecting our prototypes, with the last round of testing due soon. Once this is done, all designs and variations will go into production. This  includes our much anticipated brand new 100% pure mulberry silk underscarves - without thick layers of non-silk material and synthetic satin! Our cotton underscarves will also be restocked, in a slightly larger size. We are excited to announce that we will also be launching various underscarves and refined head wraps which you all loved, in our luxurious bamboo jersey. Below are approximate time frames:

Bamboo Underscarves - Early, '24

Silk Underscarves - SS, ‘24

Cotton Underscarves - SS, ‘24


New colours, variations of old favourites and classics restocked - Early ‘24

This includes ribbed and plain jersey, multiple size options including mini hijabs 


SS, ‘24

This is the collection that we are most excited about! We have spent months researching, refining fabric, experimenting with colours and putting together an amazing range!


SS ‘24

A very small collection of beautiful, classic and versatile colours


SS ‘24

A small restock of our most favourited colours from our 100% mulberry silk chiffon collection will take place early Spring/Summer.


Previous designs will not be restocked as all lines were limited edition. Final pieces in last sizes available can be found in our final pieces section at a 50% discount. At present, we are developing brand new designs. This is a lengthy process given our prerequisites and standards, which means we do not have confirmed launch dates in place yet. Once we do, we will be sure to let you know InshaAllah!

We would like to thank each and every one of our supporters and customers for their patience, feedback and appreciation over the months and years!



Previously, we had split our inventory amongst two main locations. Our base in the United kingdom and the United states. Our inventory in the US is completely out of stock at present. This does mean all US and Canadian orders will be fulfilled and dispatched from our UK location as of 22/09/23 and until further notice. Please note customs charges may be applicable on these orders. For more information on how this may effect your experience, please check out our delivery and returns page. 

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